Upwork Freelance University Course

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Built by Freelancer for Freelancers.
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Upwork Freelance University Course is built by Vasilii Iuferov, experienced Top Rated Plus Freelancer with 100% success rate.

By taking Course you will learn and practice:

1. How to Build your Upwork Profile for get Clients Attention
2. How to Select Projects with High Probability for Interview
3. How to Bid on Project and Write Eye Catching Proposal
4. How to Manage Your Contracts, Hourly Rate and Fix Price.
5. How to Select and Define Competitive Rate and How and When to Increase it.
6. How to maintain Success Score and Manage Reputation.
7. How to get Top Rated Badges and Use It for Grow Your Earnings.


You can book One-on-One Mastermind Sessions and use it for grow your earnings and results.

Group Mastermind Session with Vasilii Iuferov is FREE for Students until you get on $4000 monthly earning.

Community Space

You will have opportunity to join Upwork University Community Space, chat and share your experience with other freelancers like you.

Group Mastermind Weekly Sessions

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